Legends Bollywood Dance Championship 2017

April 15, 2017



In its' first year as a bollywood dance competition, Legends was nothing short of its name. Put on by Desi Dance Network, Inc., along with Zee TV, Legends is the premier championship bollywood dance competition in Northern America. Teams who have been competing at numerous competitions around the nation throughout the year are ranked based on winnings and consistency, and the top 10 teams get a chance to compete at Legends in hopes of taking home the first place trophy. With the teams being the top ones in the nation, each performance was of extremely high calibre and production value. Enjoy these few pictures from the weekend, and keep a look out on our Facebook page for the full album! Also, be sure to like our Facebook Page for updates and to keep up with our latest events and shoots!


1st Place: Northwestern Anubhav

2nd Place: The Men of Dance Project (The MOD Project)

3rd Place: Stanford: UCLA Nashaa


~~~~~~~~~~Caption Awards ~~~~~~~~~~


Best Female Lead: UCLA Nashaa

Best Male Lead: Northwestern Anubhav

Best Costumes: Northwestern Anubhav

Best Choreography: Northwestern Anubhav

Best Executed Theme: The MOD Project


Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Venue: Segerstrom Center of the Arts


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